7 Steps To A Successful Deck Renovation

The image of a beautiful, well-built deck is often something that homeowners hope to achieve. Adding outdoor living space in the form of a deck can be an excellent way to increase your property value and provide an incredibly enjoyable place to relax with friends or family. In order to construct the perfect deck for you and your lifestyle though, it may take some consideration as to what features are most important.

If you want help along the way, follow these seven steps for constructing your own magnificent deck:

1) Look into regulations – Before beginning any construction work on a new or existing home improvement project, it’s typically good practice to know what restrictions are currently in place. For example, were you aware that decks over certain heights require permits? Check with your local city’s building department to ensure that you are aware of all the necessary codes.

2) Choose the right builder – If you’re looking for a professional builder to construct your deck then you should check out reviews online as well as the Better Business Bureau before making contact. You want to work with someone who is fully licensed and has experience constructing decks in your area. A few good questions to ask include:

– Are they a member of any professional organizations such as the Master Builders Association?

– What kind of references do they provide?

– Do they follow industry standards or do they offer custom options?

3) Plot out your deck design – Once you’ve chosen the right builder for the job, it’s time to move on to designing your deck. You might want to begin with a sketch of what you want but don’t be surprised if changes along the way seem necessary. Your plans will need to include important details such as:

– What kind of materials will you use (wood, composite decking, etc.)?

– How many people do you intend for this space to serve?

– Will the deck require additional lighting or electrical wiring?

4) Find help with building permits – Although small decks may not require a permit, larger structures built over 24 feet in length can come into play here. Check with your local city government to be sure.

5) Order materials – After you’ve received necessary permits, it’s time to start ordering the actual materials for your deck. If there are size or type restrictions that come along with those building permits then make sure you address them at this point in the process as well.

6) Hire help in order to assist with construction – Building a deck can have certain complications and potential problems that arise during installation. In order to avoid headaches down the line, hire a professional who has experience assisting with deck construction projects. You’ll also want additional hands in case more than one person is required on-site for the day of work.

7) Move on to insurance considerations – Homeowners may be surprised to learn that they are required by law to carry liability insurance on their property. This includes any new additions and renovations, including a new deck. It’s important to check into these rules in your area because the cost of having an extra policy can be minimal compared with potential costs from accidents or legal issues down the road.

You’ll want to ensure you have everything covered when you add a deck to your home, especially when it comes time for renovations later on! If anything goes wrong during installation, call for help immediately as there could be dangers involved with falling materials or dealing with electrocution in the rain. If everything is building up nicely however, enjoy your beautiful outdoor space and invite friends over often!