How to Launch Ads on TikTok


Whether you’re looking to promote your product with an in-feed video or drive website traffic, TikTok has options to support all of your advertising goals. How to launch ads on TikTok in multiple ad formats, including ads that appear between user videos in the TikTok feed and vertical video ads that appear on the right-hand side of the app’s screen. Use creative tools to add branded effects, stickers, and a call-to-action overlay to your ads to increase engagement.

When you’re ready to start running a campaign, select a campaign type and set your budget. Then define your audience by tagging specific website visitors with the TikTok Pixel or targeting users that meet your criteria by location, demographics, interests, and behaviors.

Launching Your Campaign: How to Launch Ads on TikTok

Once your campaign is created, TikTok will review the ad and approve it for publication. Your ad may be published within 24 hours after approval.

Once your ad has been published, shoppers will be able to click on the ad and be redirected to your store’s full-screen page that displays all products from the ad set you’ve chosen. To optimize your ad for conversion, select the Learn More CTA button and add the URL you want shoppers to be sent to when they click on your ad.