How to select the best project management software?

Freelancer browsing laptop and taking notes in notebook during workIn a project management software comparison, I usually ask this question: What is your priority? Some clients answer that they are looking for affordable software without too many confusing settings and options. I think we all can agree on those requirements. In such cases, the product should be easy to use and not too difficult otherwise it would be pointless to implement or use it. But what happens if one of those features you’d really like in the application isn’t available? Well then, you have to compromise. Do you want to go with a cheap but less usable solution? And here comes another form of price calculation – cost-benefit analysis which will include both quality (features) and price as well as convenience factors (compatibility; ease of installation; customer support; etc.).

Let’s look at the answer from another aspect. What is important to you? For many users, the project management software comparison should pay attention to its functionality and options. The more features it has, the better if you want to ensure that your operations will go smoothly. If there are several solutions for productivity project management available in your area but one of them seems to have some limitations, then I would advise you not to choose this option too hastily. Take a closer look at what other companies do who already tried using these applications or make a product comparison so that you know which tools might be more helpful. Tell me about your experience with those kinds of software if they’ve been used before because our article on the advantages and disadvantages of project management software will be much appreciated by everyone who cares about the topic.

It is also important to find out what additional features you might need. For instance, do you have an international team? Or are there any specific requirements regarding your work with clients from abroad? If it is a global organization, then look for a tool that allows managing projects in different time zones. In addition, some product comparison articles mention issues that should be kept in mind when selecting the application used by project managers:

  • Busy female freelancer with laptop and notepad in kitchenCheck if support services are available 24/7;
  • Identify which areas you need to keep informed about and how often would you like to receive such reports;
  • Make sure you know what other options can be used for communication with team members, clients and other stakeholders (e.g. Skype, Twitter, etc.);
  • The cloud application should allow you to access your data from any device at any time. You don’t want to lose time looking for information when you need it most;
  • Check if the interface fits your needs and is convenient in use;
  • Do not get confused by the numerous features offered by some products because they may affect performance.

The answers to those questions will help you create your own personalized project management software comparison chart which can then easily be compared against another feature set of its counterparts in our reviews section or elsewhere online so that you can see which setting would suit your specific project requirements and business needs the best. Good luck with your search for a better solution!