Postpartum Faja – Support Your Abdominal Muscles

You’ve finally brought your little bundle of joy into the world, and you’re exhausted and elated. But the recovery process is a long one, and it may feel like your abdominal muscles just gave up on you (and it’s understandable—they took quite a beating during the pregnancy). That’s why some moms choose to wear postpartum faja, which is a compression garment worn by new mothers that helps with core muscle support.

It’s Colombian faja to a waist trainer or corset in that it wraps around your torso, but it is padded and fastens with Velcro straps. Many women swear by the faja as it’s thought to help return the uterus back into place after birth, and is often used during breastfeeding and to help prevent the uterus from contracting too soon after giving birth.

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This is a popular item for those who’ve had C-sections as well, because it allows them to get some core and back support while they’re healing from their incision. A faja consists of three separate bands, so you can adjust it to your needs: one stomach band takes care of the upper abdominals, the waistband covers the midsection, and the lower belt supports the hips and pelvic area.

Some women choose to wear a faja during the day as well, which gives them extra support while they’re out and about. It also can help to prevent movement of the loose skin in their abdomens, which not only feels uncomfortable but damages newly-forming collagen and elastin structures that would normally tighten the area naturally. This can lead to additional stretch marks and a less-than-desirable tummy.