Rotovac 360 – A Better Carpet With Less Physical Labor

rotovac 360

Achieve cleaner carpets with less physical labor using the patented rotovac 360 rotary extraction power head. The machine replaces the manual scrub wand and is an essential part of any professional carpet cleaning system. Rather than the back and forth motion of a traditional scrub wand, rotovac makes hundreds of multi-directional cleaning passes per minute for a deeper clean and faster dry time.

A favorite rotary extraction tool of many carpet cleaners, rotovac works on all types of carpet, from commercial glue-downs to installed over-pad residential carpeting (please note that some high-pile and textured carpets require a slower head speed). With a quick change out of the cleaning head, the rotovac can also be used as a tile cleaning machine. With a tile head that uses rotary nylon brush bristles, spray jets and a floating 360 degree vacuum ring, the machine scours, rinses and extracts in one easy self propelled side to side movement.

The Ultimate Guide to Rotovac 360: Everything You Need to Know

The rotary extraction power head is airflow calibrated and high pressure plumbed to operate with all extractors, from standard 100psi portables to the largest truck mount systems. A telescoping handle adjusts down to clean stairs and easily fits into storage. Weighing only 39 lbs, the rotovac is easy to maneuver and produces carpet cleaning results that will amaze your customers.