EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator – Small, Quiet and Efficient

EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator

EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator – Small, Quiet and Efficient

The EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator offers a compact design that makes it easy to move around your home. It delivers continuous flow oxygen and uses less electricity than other stationary concentrators, cutting your costs every day.

It is the smallest and lightest (at only 31 pounds) and one of the quietest ( 40 dBA) units available. The sleek, ergonomic design also makes it easier to store and carry than conventional oxygen concentrators.

This quiet unit is designed with patients and carers in mind and has no filter to maintain, a durable metal outlet and fewer moving parts. It is a reliable and cost effective solution that can be used in locations where oxygen cylinders are not allowed such as holiday homes or caravans.

How the EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator Works: A Comprehensive Guide

If you use a humidifier with your oxygen, the EverFlo features a recessed area to hold your humidifier bottle. It is compatible with most common types of humidifier bottles and has a velcro strap to keep it in place.

Besides the fact that it is quiet, this machine is a good choice because it has an OPI (Oxygen Percentage Indicator) that ultrasonically measures oxygen purity and will sound an alarm if it deviates from an acceptable level. This can help prevent re-oxygenation and oxygen deprivation from occurring.

The EverFlo has a few subtle design cues that help it resist accidental breakage and wear-and-tear such as a recessed flow meter and metal cannula connector. This helps it last longer and be easier to clean.