What is Email Domain Verification?

Domain verification is a process that adds extra settings to your domain, ensuring that emails sent from it are genuinely coming from you. This improves email deliverability and helps your emails get into the inbox instead of getting marked as spam or landing in a junk folder. It also shows that your company values reputable engagement and is committed to protecting customer data.

How do I use email verifier?

You can see the status of your domain in the Email domain verification Overview page, which you can access by clicking your profile icon and choosing Account. You’ll see a list of the email addresses and domains that are verified, pending or not verified. Pending domains are still waiting to be verified by the verification service, while verified domains will be signed with DKIM and DMARC from now on.

To verify a domain, click the checkbox next to it and then either enter a verification code from your email provider or select a Send Verification Email option. Once you receive the verification email, follow the link to the verification website or click the verify domain access button in the popup window.

If the status says “Partially verified”, it means that we’ve located the CNAME records for DKIM and SPF, but the TXT record creating your DMARC policy is missing. This will prevent your emails from being displayed as authenticated by Mailchimp, and may also cause them to be blocked by some email clients that require a DMARC policy published for their domains.