5th Wheel Camper – Pros and Cons

A fifth wheel camper is a great RV option for families, snow birds or full timers who enjoy luxurious travel experiences on the open road. These large towable trailers offer unparalleled comfort, space and luxury features not found on smaller popup or travel trailer models.

Can you live in a fifth wheel in the winter?

While smaller campers like a popup or travel trailer can be towed by a regular passenger vehicle, a fifth wheel requires a large dually truck with enough towing capacity to handle the added weight of this unique type of RV. If you don’t already have a truck that is capable of towing a fifth wheel, this is an additional expense and investment to consider before making a purchase decision.

The benefits of a fifth wheel are significant and make the extra investment worth 5th wheel camper for many people. The extra space provides ample room for living and dining areas, and features like multiple slide-outs significantly expand the trailer’s overall footprint. Luxury amenities like king size beds, solid wood cabinetry and top of the line appliances are also commonly found on these large towables.

When it comes to cons, the biggest one is that it takes more practice to learn how to maneuver a larger trailer on public roads. Backing up and turning feels different with a massive trailer behind you, and you may need to practice in empty parking lots before taking your new RV out on the road. Also, proper storage for a fifth wheel is a must to protect it from extreme weather events that can generate high winds and falling limbs.