Melbourne Plastering

The plastering trade is a blend of experience, artistic creativity and practical design skills. Choosing the right products and application techniques is essential to ensure a quality finish. Melbourne Plaster has been plastering for over 30 years and provides expert solutions for: New Construction, Home Extensions & Renovations Repairing Damaged walls / Ceilings, Water damage, Restumping damage, Insurance Work.

Melbourne Plaster: High-Quality Services for All Your Needs

Solid plastering melbourne is a popular technique in the construction and renovation landscape that adds aesthetic value to buildings while providing protection from moisture, temperature fluctuations and other environmental factors. Skilled plasterers are able to transform any surface into a beautiful and durable finish that will stand the test of time.

Whether you are planning to renovate your house or just looking to add an extra touch of beauty to it, plastering is the best choice. In fact, it can even increase the overall value of your property. But before you take up this task on your own, be sure to contact a reliable plasterer to get the job done perfectly.

If you are considering plastering your house, it’s important to know the difference between drywall and plastering. Drywall is quicker and easier to install, but it is also less durable than traditional plaster. In addition, drywall is not moisture-resistant, so it can easily become damaged by moisture.

Before commencing any plasterwork, the Tasker will cover the floor with a plastic dust sheet and move any furniture away from the area that is to be worked on. Then they will prep the walls by scraping off any raised or loose surfaces, priming them with carpenter’s glue, and cleaning up any cracks and chips in the wall.