Solar Panels Virginia Beach

When searching for Solar panels virginia beach, a homeowner should always look at the company’s reputation and reviews before making any decision. The best solar companies will focus on customer service, offer a variety of payment options and provide above-average pricing. Additionally, they should have extensive warranty coverage to protect your investment.

Typically, a homeowners solar energy system will require around 11-KW to meet their monthly energy consumption. For a typical home in Virginia Beach, that will cost around $36,850. However, homeowners can save even more by claiming the 30% federal tax credit available now.

Sunny Days Ahead: Solar Panels Transforming Virginia Beach’s Energy Landscape

The size of your solar panel system will play a big role in its overall cost. In general, larger systems will have a lower per-watt price since the individual panels are purchased at a bulk rate.

Another factor is the solar panel’s efficiency rating and the amount of sun your location gets on average. The average efficiency rating for a solar panel in Virginia is about 20%, but this can vary depending on your area.

While going solar can be a significant upfront investment, it will help you significantly reduce your utility bills over time. In addition, research by Zillow indicates that homes that are solar powered have higher property values than those that are not.