Cannabis Seeds Store – Where to Find the Best Deals on Cannabis Seeds

SeedsHereNow are tiny little living things that will sprout into mature plants and produce a variety of potent effects. Whether you’re looking to purchase some seeds for yourself or grow cannabis in a commercial setting, there are many different strains that you can choose from. Some varieties are better suited for indoor growing while others thrive in outdoor climates. It’s important to consider the conditions that your plants will be grown in before making a purchasing decision.

Dive Into Diversity: Explore SeedsHereNow’s Wide Seed Range

If you’re shopping for marijuana seeds, there are a few online seed banks that offer competitive prices and great deals. Seed Supreme, for example, sells a massive range of 4000 strains and partners with top breeders like DNA Genetics to offer the best prices and quality assurance. Their selection includes everything from tropical-scented Banana Punch (Banana Kush crossed with Purple Punch) to uplifting Indica-leaning 710 Cheese.

SeedSupreme also offers a generous variety of freebies and discounts. They frequently run buy-one-get-one promos on popular strains like Purple Gelato and Gold Leaf. Plus, orders of $90 or more will receive a bonus pack of six free seeds.

Another online seed bank that offers great deals on marijuana seeds is ILGM. The outfit stocks a limited number of strains but packs them with extras to make your grow even easier. For instance, you’ll get one free seed with every order and a 10% discount on all Bitcoin payments. They also have a convenient Seed Finder tool to help you narrow down your selection.