How Much Does It Cost To Run Facebook Ads?


Facebook ads are an effective way to get a high return on your ad spend, or ROAS. However, the answer to “How much does it cost to run Facebook ads?” is not a simple one. Many factors can influence your ad costs, including ad format, audience size, location, competition, and ad copy.

For example, a well-written and relevant ad is more likely to be clicked than one that is poorly written or irrelevant. In fact, Hootsuite recently shared the results of a study in which they created two versions of the same ad. The low-ranking ad received 2.9 clicks per thousand impressions (CTI), while the high-ranking ad received 8.3.

Calculating Costs: How Much Does It Cost to Run Facebook Ads Successfully

Another factor that influences your ad cost is Facebook’s algorithm. Facebook’s algorithms are designed to optimize your campaign for the goal you select. If you choose a link click goal, Facebook will prioritize ad delivery to users most likely to click your ad. Facebook wants to maximize your ad reach while ensuring that its users have a positive experience on the platform.

The amount you spend on your ad can also depend on what type of bidding strategy you use for your campaign. Manual bidding allows you to set a maximum bid for each ad auction, and Facebook will pay up to that amount for placements that meet your criteria. Choosing this option is best for experienced Facebook Ads managers who have access to internal Facebook data and analytics.