Interview of Jeremy Piven

Jeremy Piven — the actor who was once a scene-stealer on Entourage and now a leading man in British period dramas — hasn’t lost any of his narcissistic charm. He loves being the center of attention on set, and he relishes his role as Harry Selfridge, the founder of the London department store of the same name. But the actor says he also uses lockdown to focus on his health regimen, especially his yoga practice.

During his career Piven has been able to captivate audiences and create a legacy through his acting. He recently did an interview with Outlook India where he talked about his childhood and experiences in Hollywood. He also shared his thoughts on current social and political issues.

Jeremy Piven Unplugged: An In-Depth Interview with the Actor

In the days following the sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein, many women came forward to share their stories of abuse and harassment they experienced from powerful men in the entertainment industry. Meador and Gonzalez said it was a tumultuous time. They both believe the system needs to be changed, including the way people are held accountable in the business.

Piven has been doing stand-up comedy in recent years, and he’s coming to St. Louis Thursday through Saturday for five shows at Helium Comedy Club. He said he’s still trying to impress his nieces. He’s not sure yet if he’ll be able to do that in the comedy world, but he’ll keep trying. He’s hoping that his next role will be something that helps him with that.