Keys To Reform Your Kitchen 

The kitchen reform is one of the most requested since its daily use causes household appliances and furniture to deteriorate over time.

Whether it is a comprehensive or partial reform, the first thing you must be clear about is the budget that you are going to allocate to said reform.

The most important thing is that you invest in what you are going to use. There is no need to invest in a late model oven if you are only going to cook in it a couple of times a year or in an American refrigerator if it will always be half empty. Pre-analyze the frequency and duration of the tasks you do in your kitchen and invest in what you need.

Another key is to always find a balance between functionality and aesthetics. The kitchen must be functional, but it also has to be a pleasant place because we spend a lot of time on it.

Take care of the working triangle. It refers to the 3 areas that a kitchen has: cooking, washing, and storage. The key is that they are distributed in an imaginary triangle in a kitchen and never together. That is, the idea is that you leave a counter space between each of at least 50-60 cm. And in an online kitchen, where all the furniture occupies the same front, it respects the separation of zones.

The objective is to minimize displacement between the 3 main areas of the kitchen. In principle, the best distributions for kitchens are in U and parallel. Still, if we have a linear kitchen, the ideal is to follow the storage area, preparation, and cooking area.

You also have to take into account the measurements of the kitchen, because they are very important. Keep in mind that between the cooking zone and the sink, the minimum recommended distance is 60 centimeters. Try not to stick the plate to a wall or column furniture because it is not usually very comfortable and will stain more than splashes. It is best to leave between 40 and 50 centimeters between the glass-ceramic and the wall.

Another measure to take into account is that if your kitchen allows you to have furniture on both sides, there must be at least a distance of 1.20 m between them, which also applies in the islands’ case. To place it, you must respect between 1 and 1.20 m of the distance between the island and the wall or furniture for the height of the furniture.

The important thing is that you are clear that the kitchen must be a tidy and fluid workspace designed to facilitate daily storage, preparation, and cleaning tasks.