Takeoff and Estimating Services

Takeoff and estimating services are a part of the bidding process for construction projects. They provide estimates for the materials required to complete a project. Construction companies use these estimates to prepare bids for potential clients. A quality takeoff will help a contractor to create an accurate estimate for their project requirements. In addition, a comprehensive construction estimating services takeoff will make it easier to compare bids and identify discrepancies.

What is the difference between MTO and BOM?

A construction material takeoff is a detailed list of the physical materials needed to construct a building or other structure. The takeoff will be conducted on a project’s blueprints or plans. It will include the dimensions of each physical component in the building and their quantity. The takeoff will also include a number of other details, such as height, length and weight. Depending on the type of project, it may include both raw materials and manufactured fixtures. Raw materials are the building blocks of structures and features, while manufactured fixtures are a more finished product.

While a takeoff is often done manually, digital software can streamline the entire process. Software tools can perform both a takeoff and an estimation simultaneously, saving estimators time and effort. The most basic takeoff programs will allow users to identify or draw a shape on the project plan and measure its area. Some programs will also have a volume measurement feature, which is useful for measuring items such as cubic yards of concrete or square footage of drywall.