Texas Power to Choose – How to Compare Electricity Plans in a Deregulated Market

If you live in Texas, chances are you are not limited to one retail energy provider that provides your electricity. This freedom is thanks to state legislation that deregulated the Texas energy market in 2002. This newfound power allows Texans to shop around for the best electricity plan options with the lowest rates. More info:powertochoose org

To make shopping for an energy plan easier for Texans, the state of Texas established a website called Power to Choose. While the intention of this government site was good, it ended up being a confusing free-for-all for shoppers. Thankfully, there are now alternative sites to Power to Choose that offer a better experience and provide more information about the plans and providers you are comparing.

Texas Power to Choose: Understanding Transmission Charges

Power to Choose offers an easy way to compare local electricity rate plans and providers in a deregulated market. It is a free service and claims to provide objective, unbiased information that allows you to see the top local options side-by-side. It also allows you to search for plans based on their rate structure, contract length, and other factors.

The site is available statewide and serves most deregulated cities, including Houston. To use it, simply enter your zip code and select the plan type that fits your needs. This will give you a list of all the available plans and providers in your area, along with their rates. The site also includes a customer satisfaction scorecard for each retail electric provider to help you find the right fit.