Certified Staircases UK

Certified Staircases UK

When building new properties or replacing stairs as part of refurbishment works, the correct staircase must be specified and built to suit the requirements of the project. Staircase companies should be able to provide a wide range of different staircase products, all of which should be manufactured with compliance to UK building rules and legislative requirements in mind.

Certified Staircases that are fitted correctly can significantly reduce the risk of accidents, which could potentially lead to fatalities. This is particularly true in multi-storey, multi-occupancy buildings (blocks of flats) where stairs are used frequently and have a crucial role to play during emergency evacuations. Stairs are also the most common areas for falls from height and, according to HM Government figures, over 800 deaths are attributed to slips and trips on stairs every year in the UK.

Stairway Standards: The Importance of Certification in UK Staircase Design

The specification of staircases that are capable of sustaining the load conditions set out in Approved Document K, and which comply with the provisions of the fire characteristics in Part B, is key to the safety of users of such buildings. This includes ensuring that the stair layout is compliant with the instruction provided in Section 7 ‘Layout of a Staircase’.

A reliable staircase supplier will be able to deliver products that fit seamlessly into the initial design, eliminating the need for costly reworking or on-site alterations. Timely delivery, aligned with the build timeline, also reduces costs associated with storage and delays.