The 5 Tips For Building A Wooden Deck

There are many people who would like to have a wooden terrace in their garden. The terrace is, therefore space on which you can rest to fully enjoy the outside of the house. However, to have one, it will already have to be mounted. Properly installing your terrace is a guarantee of its strength and longevity. Discover our advice on how to build a wooden terrace.


Having a terrace is a very pleasant thing for the whole family because they can indeed enjoy the outdoor spaces. To be able to fully enjoy this space, you have to think about the basics before building it. If you are looking for deck builders San Antonio TX, then follow our steps.


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Choose the location of your terrace


To get the best of the locations, it is advisable to choose as a priority a space that gives both good exposures to the sun, south side if possible, and also a location that is sheltered from bad weather and wind. Once you find a location that combines all of these elements, you can be sure that your patio will have a long life, and your moments of relaxation outside your home will be very enjoyable. However, for a good installation of terraces, you will have to prepare your land well.


Mark the perimeter of your wooden terrace


As we said above, before installing your terrace, you will need to prepare your land. And for that, it is necessary to make a delimitation and a tracing of the terrace. It is a very pleasant activity because the tools used for this step are very funny (the stakes and the ropes). You just need to respect the dimensions recommended by the construction instructions for your terrace to easily draw your terrace. Once this is done, you will see more clearly when laying it. Basically, this is about drawing a life-size plan of your terrace.


Raise height and level your surface with a rake


It is good to lay a terrace, but it is also important to ensure that it does not sag afterward. And for that, you have to work in the field. The suitable tool for this is the rake. During this phase, you have to think about the coating of your terrace (significant thickness of formwork boards, slabs and wooden slats, installation of decorative tiles …). This is what professional builders of terraces and carpenters call thickness excavation. It is necessary to plan, on average, about forty centimeters.


Install the support of your terrace


Depending on the wooden deck you want to build, install either concrete blocks, studs, or a concrete screed that will serve as a support for your construction. This step is also very important because it is this support that will hold your patio in place for a long time. So give them special attention.


Cut, install, screw, and unconvert the wooden boards.


Indeed, its stages concern the actual assembly of the terrace. For cutting, which is a fairly technical job, you need to be well equipped and meticulous. Take a tape measure to take the dimensions, a marker to note the cut, and a circular saw for precise and clean cuts. Regarding the installation, it will have to be done well, respecting the limits that you draw beforehand. As for screwing the elements, once the first planks and tiles are installed, you can start fixing the materials, and as tools, you will need screws and an electric screwdriver for your convenience as a handyman.